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GENERAL:  The objective is to travel, in the shortest time possible and without penalties, on a kayak, a section of the selected river  whose technical difficulty is increased by passage doors. Overcoming these doors can be done downwards (green and white doors) or upwards (red and white doors). It is important to note that the race is classified into categories according to the age and not according to the experience of the participants. The race consists of only two timed descents, of which the best time of both will be considered.​

REGISTRATION:  Attend with ID. Remember that registration will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. in the sector agreed upon at the event. 

Once registration is completed on the day of the race, every participant will receive 1 BVD of competition which MUST RETURN to the organization once the event is over. In case of loss of the bvd the competitor must pay the organizer an extra $10.

TRACK DIFFICULTY:  The tracks chosen for the championship are considered level III, this means that they are of intermediate difficulty suitable for competitors who have previous experience in white water rivers, who know how to do the roll maneuver and who wish to improve themselves. for approximately 275 with a maximum of 7 gates. Each gate will have its respective number and color.

SAFETY ON THE TRACK:  The number 1 priority on the river is always the safety of the athletes,  For this reason, the rescue personnel on the river will be in charge. It is important to know that if you hear more than 3 alarm whistles, the race will be temporarily suspended until the situation is resolved and the competition manager will make the final decision to continue, repeat or suspend the race. 


MANDATORY EQUIPMENT FOR ATHLETES:  Each of the participants of all categories must bring with them the following equipment that will be checked before the game and if anything is missing, their participation WILL NOT BE ALLOWED:






  • KAYAK  



  • The start of each participant will be in the first test individually  and in the second test it will be  two or three people. 

  • Contact with other athletes is contemplated but if there are actions that harm other athletes it is considered disqualification.

  • Only 2 scoring rounds (tests) will be carried out, of which they will be taken into account for the final only  the best 6 times by categories.

  • Any participant who is not ready with their team in their respective shift and location will lose their opportunity.

  • The correct passage of a gate is considered when the boat, the body and the blade cross it without committing any penalty.  

  • The stopwatch starts when the start signal is given by counting 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and the descent is considered completed when the boat completely crosses the arrival gate.

  • There will be a section with a demarcation where the roll maneuver must be performed, otherwise the athlete will be disqualified. This maneuver must comply with a 360 degree turn.

  • Those taken by the departure and arrival timekeepers are considered official times.




  • For partially or totally touching the gate with any part of the body or equipment, a 2-second penalty will be imposed.

  • For not crossing in the correct direction or breaking the numerical correlative order, the gate will be penalized with 50 seconds.

  • Failure to correctly perform the pivot maneuver around the gate by passing your head under it and not around it will result in a 50 second penalty.

  • For swimming (abandonment of the kayak) in any part of the track your time will not be considered.

  • For using different kayaks on the descents you will be disqualified.

  • By not showing up on time for your departure shift you will lose your opportunity.

  • For lying on the registration form about age and/or date of birth.

  • For any attitude that the organization considers unsportsmanlike and/or violent, you will be disqualified.​


  • Any appeal to the organizing committee will be welcomed up to 10 minutes after the results are published and must be accompanied by a respective photo/video that demonstrates the fault. 

CANCELLATION OF THE EVENT: The organization of the event reserves the right to modify, cancel and/or suspend the event partially or totally for reasons that exceed the conditions suitable for carrying it out safely, whether due to weather reasons, stoppages, strikes, and /or anything else that puts competitors and/or the organization at risk. In any case, the registration money will not be refunded.

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