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Welcome to the Kayak Club Ecuador Specialized Training Club “Moving Water”


We are a group of friends who really enjoy rowing in the river and being in touch with Nature, while joining us similar goals and values. Kayak Club Ecuador is a private, nonprofit, social and public law organization, being an autonomous sports entity that does not perform political, religious or racial proselytism.




We began to give life to the Club in 2014 with the opening of the first local kayaking school for social purposes and with a special orientation for women. During these years we kept moving with our activities such as beginner schools, trainings, river mingas, professional courses and certifications, camps, expeditions and more! Acquiring experience, learning and growing as a united river community.





In Kayak Club Ecuador we value Physical Education as an effective instrument of pedagogy because it helps to develop the inherent qualities of a person as a unit of multiple aspects. Our goals are:










Through this educational platform we want to promote the practice of kayaking as a sports discipline in order to promote the culture of sport and physical activity. Our programs, schools and trainings are designed to favor the integral development of the human being, our sensitivity towards the environment that surrounds us and the capacity for immediate action, using various recreational and recreational tools. Most important of all: It's a lot of fun!


We invite you to look at our website, join this beautiful group and row with us!




Kayak Club Ecuador is a legal institution with administrative resolution and approval record No. MD-CZ2-2018-00163 according to the Secretariat of Sports of Ecuador.




The search and selection of talents, sports initiation, teaching and development, aimed at achieving high sports performance;

Promote by all possible means the training and practice of sport for the physical, moral, social, technical and quality improvement of its partners - athletes.

Stimulate the spirit of cooperation and good human relations between members and their leaders.

Maintain and promote sports relations in the entity in accordance with similar ones.

Provide facilities to athletes for the formation of selections in different disciplines.

Assist partners in case of illnesses, accidents, or inconveniences of force majeure duly verified.

Organize the largest possible number of internal and external sports competitions, by resolution of their managers.

Create and facilitate projects dedicated to the conservation and improvement of rivers.

All the objectives that allow the club to fulfill its aspirations and its mission aimed at serving the members and the community where they operate.

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