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Archidona, Napo. 2024


Dear athletes:

We invite you to participate in the Third National Selective Whitewater Kayak Slalom Championship officially endorsed by the Ecuadorian Canoe Federation (FEC), which is affiliated with the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee (COE), the International Canoe Federation (ICF), the Pan American Canoe Confederation (COPAC) and the South American Canoe Confederation.

The objective is to carry out the valid selection of kayakers in the extreme slalom modality within the 2024 national ranking and identify the best exponents to represent Ecuador in future international competitions with the support of the aforementioned organizations.

It is planned to have athletes from all over the country and it would be a pleasure to have their presence on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2024 starting at 08:00 am on the Misahualli River track in the Spa of the El Retén community, in Archidona, Napo province.

We remind you to show up with your personal equipment and the ID in physical or photo format.

Train, participate and represent!

Kind regards.

Kayak Club Ecuador Team 🌊🏆



With the aim of promoting kayaking in Ecuador, promoting the conservation of rivers, and creating a national ranking that shows which are the best kayakers in the country in the kayak slalom modality, Kayak Club Ecuador organizes the third National Selective Kayak Slalom Championship . 

​The ranking obtained in this championship will facilitate the selection processes in the country for sending athletes to international competitions representing Ecuador. 

The national and international selection mechanisms are not in charge of Kayak Club Ecuador and that is the responsibility of the Ecuadorian Canoe Federation, the Ministry of Sports and the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee. 

​The National Championship is based on a meritocratic qualification system where the results obtained by the competitors will speak for themselves, fully respecting the best times recorded by each athlete and classified according to their ages by categories.


There is a time control committee which is made up of 5 members from different provinces (Pastaza, Napo, Morona Santiago, Pichincha, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas) who control and audit the judges' rulings, times and penalties. 


We want to improve every year and we believe that we are on the right track and we want your support to position our athletes at an international level with the mission that each year the quality and quantity of talented children, young people and adults who practice this activity in Ecuador grow. .

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