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To participate in this program you must have previous minimum experience since they are practical classes in the river where you have the opportunity to learn and progress in this sport.

The training is done in rivers with rapids class II, III and IV according to the level of the participants.

All club members can attend the training and as a requirement you must demonstrate the eskimo roll technique and / or have previously done a kayaking school.



Class dates: On Sundays (October, November, December- February, March, April)

Hours: From 10 to 16 hours.

Meeting place: At the clubhouse.

Adventure level: High.

Minimum age: 12 years.

Experience: You must have previous experience in river kayaking or have previously completed a school. You must show that you can do the Roll technique.

Cost per class: Consultation according to the type of member.

Requirements: Complete the online membership registration form / Pay the registration fee $ 20 / Attend the club to sign the application.


You will learn among so many things about:


Kayak and rescue special equipment
Rowing in class II, III, IV rapids according to skills

Correction rounds
Boof, surf and rock use
Rescue swimmers and rescue of material

Exit and entry in fast currents

Ferries, Eddies, Microeddies and Slaloom

Eskimo roll, back deck roll, hand roll

Portages and scout

Advanced hydrography


What should you bring?

Clothes to get wet and change, river shoes, kayak, paddle, skirt, kayak floating vest, water bottle, snack and money to pay for transportation. Remember that if you lack some equipment we can help you manage it.


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