The Club is a non-profit organization, our sponsors are in constant cooperation with Kayak Club Ecuador and now we can make all these new advances thanks to the whitewater family from all over the world that collaborates with time, money, ideas and joy!

Infinite thanks to all of you!


Our system for receiving donations can be through:


1) Donation of money for social, environmental, sports and club projects.

2) Donation of new or used equipment for use by partners.

3) Voluntary work system.


If you want to be part of this group you can write to kayakclubecuador@gmail.com



En Ecuador durante el 2015 y 2018 perdimos a cuatro personas que representaban lo que significa ser un kayakista con todos los atributos de dedicación, humildad, instructores de primera y más importante que nada, amigos inolvidables. 

En memoria de Adam Vaughan, Alex Mcgourty, David Higgins y Taylor Hunt.