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The events and championships are intended to promote the protection of rivers for the performance of sport and adventure tourism. We need our rivers to flow free and healthy for the benefit of present and future generations.


The Club is part of the team of organizers of a series of sports competitions on the Cosanga, Quijos, Jondachi, Piatua, Tena and Rio Verde rivers. In this way, the athletes who participate in the events will have an opening to represent Ecuador in international events such as the Pan American Games in Brazil 2020.













Cleaning by free rivers

Environmental Education is defined as a permanent process in which the awareness that individuals have about the environment is trained. It is necessary to learn the knowledge, values, skills, experience and determination that enables us to act, individually and collectively in solving the present environmental problems.


It is an Education model focused not only on knowledge and awareness, but also on the transformation of reality, educating citizens to actively participate in their process of change towards a better world.


There are two projects we want to develop: One is to take our Schools and Environmental Education programs to the surrounding communities. The other is to make it possible for young people in the communities to attend the Club to be part of the team of professional rowers. In this way, we want to train, encourage and motivate new local leaders committed to sports and the environment. Thanks to your support and collaboration we will make this possible.

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